Day 1 – October 16 (Tuesday)

8:45 welcome

9-11 An overview of additive manufacturing hardware
Lecturer: Bernd Bickel and Jesús Pérez

Coffee break

11.30-13.30 State of the Art on Stylized Fabrication
Lecturers: Bernd Bickel, Jesús Pérez and Luigi Malomo

Lunch Break

14.45-16.45 Surface Parametrization 
Lecturer: Marco Tarini 

Coffee Break

17-19 Mesh processing tools for digital modeling and manufacturing
Lecturer: Marco Centin

Day 2 – October 17

8:45 -10:45 Appearance representation, editing and reproduction (part 1)
Lecturer: Fabio Pellacini

Coffee Break

11:00-13:00 Appearance representation, editing and reproduction (part2)
Lecturer: Fabio Pellacini

Lunch break

14:15-16:00   From 3D models to 3D prints: an overview of the processing pipeline
Lecturer: Jonàs Martínez and Marco Livesu

16:30-18:15 Demo session (Advanced Prototyping LAB)

20.00 Social Dinner (for all school attendants)

Day 3 – October 18

8.30 -9:30 Procedural and stochastic microstructures for functional fabrication
Lecturer: Jonàs Martínez

9.30 -10:00 Fabrication-aware shape decomposition
Lecturer: Marco Livesu

10.00 -10:30 Simulating additive manufacturing: a meshing perspective
Lecturer: Marco Livesu

Coffee Break

11:00-12:00 (Beyond) 3D Printing: Geometry Processing for Fabricating Digital Objects based on reusable Molds
Lecturers: Luigi Malomo

12:00-13:00  Examination 1h

13:00-13:15 Concluding Remarks