Welcome to the International School on Graphics and Geometry Processing for Digital Manufacturing organized by the Italian Chapter of EUROGRAPHICS

This school will present tutorial courses on  main aspects of Geometry Processing and Computer Graphics methods that can be applied in object manufacturing. The recent large-scale diffusion of 3D printers and numerically controlled milling machines shifted the manufacturing landscape from the production of many copies of identical objects to a market for unique,  personalized designs, allowing smart and low-cost manufacturing of a variety of objects in different contexts.
To support the design and to enable the realization of objects with desired structural and appearance properties, a huge amount of works appeared recently in the Computer Graphics literature.  A basic knowledge of the available methods and of the underlying manufacturing technologies is rather useful both for mathematicians and computer graphics experts, that can found novel applications of their expertise, and for end users (engineers, designers, medical doctors) that may discover what is expected in the future of personalized manufacturing.

The school is mainly conceived to give a high quality training opportunity to graduate students, PhD students and young researchers. In particular there will be the opportunity for PhD students to acquire CFU credits (corresponding to 20h of courses) upon a final examination test.